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The Critical Edge Alliance aims to become a global collaborative framework for universities that focus upon student-centered learning, critical thinking, interdisciplinary teaching and research, and social engagement. We want to encourage students, scholars, administrators and staff to share experiences of learning and teaching, embark on joint projects, and exchange reflections and ideas about the particular challenges and promises of progressive higher education. The conference will gather universities that aim to continue develop and renew these traditions of critical higher education. It will be based upon collaboration among institutions that consider themselves as alternatives to conventional higher education and are dedicated to progressive and innovative forms of teaching and research. This workshop will focus on the main issues related to innovation in higher education and strategies for innovative learning. Consequently, the organizers seek submissions of original work and experiences that are relevant to the below themes:

Santo Domingo Building, Universidad de los Andes.

Bogotá, Colombia

June 25 - 28, 2018

02:00 PM

80 Available Seats

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Event Schedules

1. Whose world is it anyways? Reflections and report on CEA inspired, transnational, interdisciplinary course. Doris Gray, Garbi Schmidt
2. Student participation in University governance: a critical review of the status quo at Roskilde University. Simon Tauber, Federico Jensen

Location: SD - 1003

3. Academic oral communication strategy as a macro curriculum policy in Universidad de los Andes. Jorge Armando Marin Ariza, Valeria Parra Gregory
4. Hidden Curriculum in Indian Campuses. Shreya Urvashi
5. Action research in planning education - experiences from Roskilde University. John Andersen

Location: SD - 1003

6. Curriculum innovations focus on sustainable development in Colombian universities. Daniel Eduardo Garcia
7. Strategies for innovative learning.Klara Møller Rasmussen
8. Program iCubo. Macarena Perez

Location: SD - 1003

9. The Art of Doing with a Highly Disciplined Mindset of the faculty of economics. Jimena Hurtado Prieto, Andres Mauricio Guiot
10. The role of community engagement on teaching engineering.Esteban Acero Lopez

Location: SD - 1003

11. Emotional impact on learning experience after the death of a patient in a simulation scenario at Universidad de los Andes. Isabela Venegas, Carlos Triana
12. Promoting informal learning as strategy to improve the acquisition of knowledge and experience in the digital age. Lisa Trebs
13. Multidisciplinary Engineering Design project- MEDP: nuances of curricular change. Carola Gomez, Carola Hernandez

Location: SD-1003

14. An invitation for CEA partners to collaborate on a new collaborative learning platform Peter Busch-Jensen
15. Educational innovation experience in clinical settings at the faculty of medicine: anesthesia. Isabel Londoño, Elena María Trujillo Maza
16. Experiential learning in architecture, triggering experiences. Karen Ulriksen Ojeda, Carola Contesse from Universidad del Desarrollo.

Location: SD - 1003

17. The RUC cleaners project: an innovative approach to student-led research projects. Sophia Erhard, Simon Tauber
18. The health promoting universities proyect: an example of innovation in student participation at Universidad de los Andes. Elena Maria Trujillo, Julie Blanco
19. Boosting 21st competences through Computational Thinking and Student Centered Strategies. Giovana Danies Turano, Francisco Javier Buitrago

Location: SD - 1003

20. Teaching Professional Ethics Using Learning Project. Juny Montoya, Didier Santiago
21. Balancing specialization and integration in interdisciplinary graduate studies. Kevin Francis
22. THe new school. Hattie Simon, Katherine Nixdorf
23. It´s About time or structures and strictures: how a traditional lecture series can be an experience of process, depth and context in a theory-into-practice learning community. Shaw Osha, Kathleen Eamons

Location: SD - 1003

25. Teaching Negotiation in a multicultural Virtual community: two universities, two cultures, one virtual learning experience. Margarita Canal
26. Beyond the official: contributions of communities of practice to photography education. Camilo Paez Vanegas

Location: SD - 1003

Location: SD - 1003

Magazine and Discusion about CEA continuous collaboration

Location: SD-1003

Who's Speaking?

Eduardo Escallón

Dean of Education, Uniandes

Daniela Alvarez Gallo

President of the Student Council, Uniandes

Carl Henrik Langebaek

Academic Vice President, Uniandes

Kasper Risbjerg

Associate Professor, RUC and president of CEA

Andrés Mejía

Associate Professor, Uniandes

Mary Watson

Executive Dean, The New School

Daniela Vargas

Vice-Dean, PUC Rio

Abdul Shaban

Deputy Director , Tuljapur Campus, TISS


CEA Conference 2018, Bogotá, Colombia

Staff Members

Carolyn Finck

Director of International Relations, Uniandes

Juana Hoyos Restrepo

Chief of Curriculum, Uniandes

Yadira Mogollón

Chief of Mobility, Uniandes

Luisa Bastidas

Coodinator of the Public Relations office, Uniandes

Sergio Velasquez

Student of Masters in Software Engineering, Uniandes

Adriana Escandón

Enviromental Engineer, Uniandes

Laura Gomez

Logistic and Administrative assistant, Uniandes

Angela Rivera

CBU Manager, Uniandes


CEA Conference 2018

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Event Guideline

CEA Conference 2018, Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is a big city, to take the best advantage from it, is important that you take into account some important information that you will find in the following document:


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